1. What if the graduation certificate and diploma cannot be issued before the submission deadline?

If you cannot obtain your graduation certificate, diploma and related documents, please submit an original sealed academic transcript issued by your university (the transcript should at least include the academic results up to and including the first semester of the last university year), or other original official documents that proves your due graduation (e.g. student certification, certification of study for the senior year at the university, pre-graduation proof etc.), along with an indication that the graduation certificate and diploma will be provided later once they are obtained.

2. What if an official letter of admission cannot be obtained before the submission deadline?

Please submit documents that can prove your admission status (e.g. relevant e-mails, screenshots of the admissions roll on the university's official website, examination letters, etc.), and indicate that an official letter of admission will be provided later once it is obtained.

3. Can I submit previously written recommendation letters used to apply for university (or for other purposes)?


4. The recommender is out-of-town or abroad. Can I submit the recommendation letter as an email attachment?

Yes, please ask the recommender to directly send a scanned version of the signed recommendation letter via e-mail to our scholarship office at scholarship@hankunlaw.com.

5. I passed the national judicial examination, but cannot obtain a legal profession qualification certificate prior to the submission deadline. Can I instead submit the examination results notice to prove that I passed the national judicial examination?

Yes. Passing the national judicial examination is not a prerequisite for the scholarship application, and its results only serve as a reference. You can submit the examination results notice instead.

6. As for item 11 in the application materials “article(s) published”, does “article(s)” refer only to academic articles or can it refer to any articles published in publications?

Any article published in a publication is acceptable.

7. I have fulfilled the application requirements, but cannot attend an interview or take a written examination (e.g. I will be abroad). Can I still apply in this case?

Your eligibility will depend on the manner of the first and second rounds of interviews and the written test for the 2021 Han Kun Youth Law Scholarship. You will be considered an eligible applicant if the interviews and written test are confirmed to be conducted remotely online. Applicants with this concern are advised to submit an application regardless and to communicate with the scholarship committee if the interviews and written test are ultimately determined to be conducted in person.

Scholarship award winners may retain the right to the award for school terms beginning on or before September 30, 2022 if matriculation is delayed due to the impact of COVID-19.

Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship