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Business introduction

Han Kun's culture, media and entertainment team consists of legal professionals possessing extensive expertise and insightful understandings of the culture, media and entertainment industry.  The team handles various types of legal matters covering investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection, copyright transactions, compliance, and dispute resolution.  

We represent clients that include film and TV production and distribution companies, cinema chains, music producers and distributors, artist agencies and MCN agencies, traditional media and new media, streaming media, video websites, ticketing companies, game companies, and investment institutions, etc.


Core Areas of Practice

Han Kun's culture, media and entertainment team provides comprehensive culture, media and entertainment-related services, including:

  • Legal matters regarding investment and (equity/debt/income rights) financing of single film, television show projects, and package projects

  • Legal matters regarding investment and financing of companies engaging in the business of film and television shows, music, games, video websites, and other culture, media and entertainment business, including but not limited to initial public offerings in domestic and overseas markets, equity financing, debt financing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Legal matters regarding fund formation and investment in the areas of film, television, music, and other culture, media and entertainment business

  • Legal matters regarding film and television show production, distribution, copyright transactions, derivatives exploitation, etc., including film project development, screenplay purchases, co-productions and Sino-foreign co-productions, employment of production teams and cast members, shooting and post-production, distribution, copyright transactions and derivatives exploitation, etc.

  • Legal matters regarding artist agencies, endorsements, advertising for film, television, music, and sports stars and other celebrities

  • Legal matters related to music, live shows, large-scale events, and performances, including but not limited to music production and distribution, performance license and production, commercial sponsorship and advertisement, ticketing, business development, etc.

  • Dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) regarding investment and financing, intellectual property protection, unfair competition, and agency agreements, etc.

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