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Practice Areas Family Law, Trust and Wealth Planning

Business introduction

Han Kun is among the few Chinese law firms that provide global private client services.  We provide private client services across jurisdictions, including China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.  Our clients include well-known high-net-worth families and/or family members, owners of family businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, artists, and celebrities, as well as their spouses, trust companies, private banks, foundations, family offices, etc.


Outstanding Team

Han Kun is the market leader in areas of domestic family law, private wealth management and overall family asset planning.  We directly serve ultra-high-net-worth clients, from wealth management to crisis intervention.  We are experts at providing private clients with comprehensive solutions in respect of commercial issues, taxation, and philanthropy, and specialize in dealing with complicated cases that involve client assets located across various jurisdictions.  We are also actively involved with and advise on the family trust services of private banks and trust companies.


Because of the multijurisdictional concerns of our clients, we have broad connections with other international law firms that engage in cross-border asset planning and family wealth management services.  These connections and our experience allow us to "think globally" and to consider clients' needs from a multijurisdictional perspective.  We aim to provide our clients with optimal choices and solutions with systemized services and by integrating resources from multiple jurisdictions and practice areas.


Core Areas of Practice

We offer a broad range of family law, trust, and wealth planning services, including:

  • Family succession and inheritance arrangements

    -  Drafting family charters

    -  Family business equity planning

    -  Setting up family offices

    -  Wills and testamentary trusts

    -  Acting as an executor

    -  Acting as an administrator

  • Trust and tax planning

    -  Domestic family trusts

    -  Overseas family trusts

    -  Acting as a trust protector

    -  Tax status planning

    -  Assist with CRS declaration

    -  Personal tax compliance

  • Marriage and family member protection

    -  Cross-border marriage

    -  Prenuptial agreements

    -  Marital property division agreements

    -  Out-of-wedlock child support agreements

    -  Designated guardianship

    -  Non-marital cohabitation

  • Family litigation and family dispute resolution

    -  Divorce disputes

    -  Post-divorce property disputes

    -  Custody disputes

    -  Marital property disputes

    -  Will disputes

    -  Legacy inheritance disputes

  • Other private client services

    -  Setting up family funds

    -  Family asset file keeping

    -  Private legal counsel

    -  Entrusted investment (nominal shareholding) arrangements

    -  Charitable donations

    -  Family foundations

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