Beichen Wei
Professionals Beichen Wei

Work experience

Mr. Wei specializes in commercial dispute resolution, company dissolution, and bankruptcy and has extensive practical experience in corporate disputes, property disputes, various contract disputes, and intellectual property disputes.  He has handled several major and difficult cases on behalf of clients involving billions of yuan in value.  Mr. Wei has also assisted clients in completing a number of bankruptcy (pre-)reorganization, bankruptcy liquidation, and compulsory liquidation cases, and has helped various corporate and non-corporate clients to complete market exits through dissolution and self-liquidation.
Mr.  Wei has many years of practical experience in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity, and foreign investment.  He has handled several complex cross-border transactions on behalf of clients involving telecommunications, Internet, e-commerce, information technology, entertainment media, education, advertising, medical, biotechnology, and other fields.  In addition, Mr. Wei provides legal advisory services for many well-known domestic and foreign companies and has accumulated extensive experience in general corporate matters.  Mr. Wei has also published many academic papers in well-known domestic journals.

Educational background

Mr. Wei received a bachelor's degree in law from Southwest University of Political Science & Law in 2014, and a double bachelor's degree in English language and literature from Sichuan International Studies University in the same year.  In 2016, he obtained a master's degree in intellectual property law from Renmin University of China.

Practice qualification

Member of the PRC Bar
PRC Securities Practice Qualification

Working language

Han Kun
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