Chen Ma
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Professionals Chen Ma

Work experience

Mr. Ma has almost 30 years of law practice experience.  Being a veteran antitrust practitioner, Mr. Ma has represented many multinational companies in high-profile merger filings and government antitrust investigations.  He has also argued a high-profile antitrust case before the Supreme People's Court of China.  Before joining Han Kun in 2014, Mr. Ma was a partner of the Chinese law firms Fangda Partners and Haiwen & Partners for a total of 14 years.  Between 1993 and 1999, Mr. Ma was an associate lawyer at several leading international law firms in their New York and Hong Kong offices.  Mr. Ma is bilingual and bi-cultural, and he is highly regarded in the Chinese legal community.  Over the years, Mr. Ma has excelled in nearly all areas of law he has practiced.  He represents his clients zealously while providing ample business sense and sound legal solutions.  Mr. Ma actively participates in a variety of competition law legislative and rule making efforts in China.  He also teaches as an adjunct professor at his alma mater, the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Educational background

American University Washington College of Law, Washington DC, USA, JD 1993; University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China, International Economics Law Studies, 1990.

Practice qualification

Member of the PRC Bar
Member of the New York State Bar

Working language

Han Kun
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