Qi Peng
Professionals Qi Peng

Work experience

Before joining Han Kun, Ms. Peng practiced law with Shanghai Qin Li Law Firm, a former member of the Deloitte Legal global network.
Ms. Peng specializes in mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment, corporate anti-corruption compliance, and general corporate matters.  She has extensive experience in conducting legal due diligence, designing transaction terms and conditions, handling closing procedures, advising on foreign exchange, land expropriation and repurchase, etc.  She has represented clients in numerous projects across diverse industries such as bulk trade and retailing, life sciences and healthcare, automotive and new energy, innovative technology, and manufacturing.  Ms. Peng has provided legal services to many well-known foreign-invested companies, state-owned enterprises, and overseas investors.

Educational background

Ms. Peng received a Bachelor of Law degree and a Bachelor of English Arts degree in 2015 from Shanghai International Studies University.  She also obtained an LL.M. degree with first-class honors in 2016 from University College London.

Practice qualification

Member of the PRC Bar

Working language

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